Marshall and I have been married for 7 years! We have a daughter named Libby. We dream of traveling, retireing early and adopting. We can't have anymore children, somedays that makes me sad. But I know there are ways around it. So that is where this story begins. In january of 2010 we found out that having anymore children of our own, was out of the question. So we prayed and prayed, and decided that adoption was the next step in life. We have been so blessed with the roller coaster that it has provided, and hope that the ride continues to be all we hoped it would be.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

We have had the wonderful opportunity to spend the last 2 weeks back east.  We planned the trip around Marshall graduating and getting his masters degree.  We are so proud of him and all that he has done to get here!!! it has been a very intense few years as we worked straight through his bachelors and then his masters and completed both in 4 years.  The best part is that Libby won't remember Marshall spending countless hours studying and going to class.  I will but she won't.  Now we get to enjoy having him around more!  and we kicked it off with the longest vacation we have ever taken!!

so I will put up some highlights of our 2 week trip as best as I can!

day 1 first pictures of the day

the white house 

the washington memorial

WWII memorial

the lincoln  memorial

tomb of the unknown solders 


Waiting for the tour bus

Air and space museum

American indian museum

NYC naval memorial

tour bus in NYC

Tiles for the fallen world trade centers

Sharks at the natural history museum

30 rock picture
our fantastic view from our friends apartment in NYC

statue of liberty in the background I promise

World trade center memorial 

the survivor tree

The stone from a temple we were totally in shock

Marshall was playing in the kids area

the zoo


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